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After spending a large amount of money on MAC system, this might possible that you are not happy as you are facing many technical issues with your system. Don’t worry. MAC Tech Support is here to make you happy with your MAC system by providing fixes for its issues.

Providing fixes for some common problems that you may be facing with your MAC System.

People usually prefer Apple Mac System over Windows System because of its Looks, Software Compatibility, Better Battery Life, Finest Hardware Quality, Efficient working and its Effective Apple Customer Service in the case of any issue. But think for a once what will happen if user start facing issues with respect to these qualities only like their MAC system is running slow, system’s Wi-Fi connection gets lost, a system is not charging properly, etc.

That’s why here is MAC Tech Support providing fixes for some common problems that you may be facing with your MAC System.

First of all, steps to recognize your Mac Problem

It is always beneficial to first analyze your problem at your level before initiating a search for the problem you are facing. As sometimes a problem is not that big that we thought it is.

  • Initially check is there any update left pending of your Mac or Mac Apps. If yes, then update the respective thing and try again after rebooting your system.
  • If you are facing a problem with your system just after you installed any software on your System?Then, for now just uninstall that particular software and try to reboot your system.

And if there is any error message, then note it down for finding the exact solution or if you contact to any tech support person then he will be able to understand your issue and will immediately able to give solution for your problem.

Some common Tech MAC Issue and its Fixes are as follows:

1. Slow performance of your Mac System

If your Mac system is running slow, first of all look your Activity Monitor. This gives you an overview of all the activities that have been taking place in your system.

To open this press COMMAND and SPACEBAR simultaneously, then type ACTIVITY MONITOR. Or go to Application -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor.

Here, you can monitor what is using your Mac’s power and memory and then you know what you need to limit or upgrade. 

2. Wi-Fi Issues: Unable to connect to Wi-Fi, etc.

  • If you are facing any Wi-Fi Issue, then initially turn off of your system Wi-Fi then again turn on it after 10-20 secs. And if you still facing the issue then the next thing you need to do is restart your router. Sometimes these general steps can solve your Wi-Fi issues.
  • If you still facing Wi-Fi issue then you need to change your Wi-Fi network with which you are connected.And for this open the Network Preferences by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right and then choosing Network Preferences.
    • Click on Advanced. Then after selecting your 5G network name drag it to the top of the list. But if you are connecting it for the very first time then click on Plus icon and select show Network. Click on the name and enter the password.
  • You can also read Wi-Fi support on Wikipedia. 

3. Mac System is getting properly charged.

In such cases, first of all, try to reset the battery, this is one the basic step that one should do. But if you still facing the same issue then next step that should be taken is reset the System Management Controller(SMC).And to do this first shut down your Mac System then connect the MagSafe Power Adapter and press down Control, Shift, Option and the power button for maximum 4 secs and then release all of them simultaneously. Then at the end restart your Mac System whether your issue has been fixed or not.

For finding fixes for any other issue, just visit Apple’s Troubleshooting Guide

For iPhone Customer Support visit .

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