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In this article, we are going to discuss iPhone support who are using iPhone and having some issues while using it will beneficial for those people. 

 as we know about the iPhone it is one the most popular phone of the current scenario which provided the more features in this iPhone. iPhone developed by the apple company it is an American multinational technology company.headquater of the apple company is in Cupertino, California u.s. there is 498 store of the apple all over the world. There are some issues which generally face iPhone users.

 Headphone jack 

 This is the most common problem faced by the iPhone users gnarly what happens our jack of the phone stop working we are not able to hear anything through the earphone and headphones then what we need to in this case. firstly you restart your phone and wait until it on. your issues of the headphone jack will be resolve if not then connect your phone with a best wireless Bluetooth headphone. 

 Making a hissing sound  

Most of the iPhone user complaining that mysterious hissing sound is coming from the back speaker of the phone. it seems to be louder when your phone is lifting and damage. it may be due to any demanding app or game is running. solution- if you face such type of problem in your phone then contact your near apple center and replace your device .if it really bothering you then contact your near apple retailer and ask him to replacement.  

Poor battery life  

Generally, battery issues do not come in the iPhone because iPhone provides the efficient battery backup. in case it comes then what you need to do. 

 Solution- if you are such type of problem first thing you need to do update your iOS if you have not already. go to the setting, battery and you can turn low power mode. Take a look of battery setting and install an app is guzzling too much power. 

 Can not activate a new iPhone  

Many people facing this problem they are not activating their phone. if got any message about the activation server is available.  

Solution- if you are trying to this with your cellular connection then switch to wi-fe. Trying your iPhone off and again holding the sleep button and dragging the slider to completely off your phone and again hold the button to turn it on. if nothing has worked then that time you need to contact to the apple.  

Conclusion- we are providing all iphone tech support is required for an iPhone related to battery issues, headphone jack issue. For any help regarding the iPhone, you can contact us and visit our official site

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